Floating - Naomi Ching

Artist: Naomi Ching
Video & Photo :Naomiching
Music: Zin Chin

Nylon net as a fascinating material that had been encountered to work with. The starting point was there: the nylon net will be used, but not for the specified way it used to be used. It can be wrapped, folded, stretched, structured, swung, spun, hung and many more possibilities.

Two complementary colours of nylon net were selected to be compositionally constructed, pinned against the wall, hung from the top, they had been folded, draped and hold. It is to find it silent and static, a still image. Photographs would be captured as exploration archived.

The second medium I came across was mobile phone video camera as another possibility to step in more into the material; after some trials, I found the mobile phone was more flexible and friendly handheld tool compare to the digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR). Lenses were panned slowly by following a curvy route, it had created the sensation of traveling into another space and time, passed through the positive, negative, flat, curve and hyperbolic curvature. It looked ambiguous, mysterious and scientific. In addition, the video showed the past, present, future, time and distance, with combination of sounds, the video created more imagination space.

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